Let me show you my pretentious photographs of TOYS

Pimping Ain’t Easy: Static Edition

I hate to do it, but it’s a necessary evil sometimes.  Like when I have an enormous, gorgeous set of bookends sitting in my closet that I have absolutely no room for.  Take advantage of my lack of space, and buy these bookends.  They depict Spider-Man’s dramatic showdown with the Green Goblin on the Brooklyn Bridge, and it comes complete with Gwen Stacy’s dead body.  You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin: Tears and Tragedy @ Ebay

If you pick up the auction, shoot me your tumblr name and I’ll give you the secret TOY BRO discount price after checkout.

Now stay tuned for more pictures of awesome toys that are not for sale.

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